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We’ve added a blog to our site because later this year , Katus, Madog and i (Barny) are to set off on a horsedrawn journey to fulfill a bit of our “wanderlust”,our desire to wander….

The plan so far is to set off, (destination unknown) and wander south with our new wagon with its fold out stage, from which Katus and other artists can perform from in towns and villages along the way.

We shall also be offering selected dates for people to join us along the way , to stay in the “horse Drawn Hotel”, (an extra accomodation) for a truly authentic “on the road” experience…. 



Katus and Tom on the "horse drawn stage"

Katus and Tom on the “horse drawn stage”

Katus and Madog on the road with our new wagon and Meg the new horse

Katus and Madog on the road with our new wagon and Meg the new horse








“On the Road”
Follow our blog to discover where we are on our journey and join us for three or four nights for a truly authentic taste of life on the open road. If you are a musician or performer, you may be invited to perform with katus on the horsedrawn stage at one of their impromptu gigs along the way. You’ll eat together around the fire, learn to harness the horses, maybe learn to whittle a spoon or weave a basket from brambles and discover some of the edible plants growing wild as you wander along country roads.


Katus and Tom on the horse drawn stage

Katus and Tom on the horse drawn stage


Meanwhile, back in Cumbria and the here and now, our friend Mat is preparing himself, his horse Outlaw and some new Wanderlusts camps for 2015s Horse drawn holidays in Cumbria


buttercups sunshine and smoke

buttercups sunshine and smoke



holidays in Cumbria:

Trundle along quiet country lanes in a traditional horse drawn gypsy caravan, before camping up at one of our secluded camps where you can cook over an open fire paddle in the streams and immerse yourselves in the outdoors, before nestling up for the nights in the cosy wagon.  we’ll return to harness up the horse and trundle on to the next camp.


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