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About Us

To learn a little about us, we thought it better said by someone else! So have copied this article for you to read..Please click on the picture if you’d like to have a read..


In 2015 we would like to announce, with a warm welcome, that we have taken on our friend Mathew, to take out the horsedrawn holidays in Cumbria. Mat first came to the Eden Valley on holiday as a child, he and his family loved it so much they move up! Mat knows the area like the back of his hand! He has a passion for the outdoor life and old country ways and can regale you with old poaching methods and “wildlife” tales.
Mats an encyclopaedia of local knowledge, and can tell you anything from an otters favourite fishing spot, to the best route to the nearest pub!
He spends most of his spare time roaming the countryside in the pursuit of wildlife or riding and driving the lanes on his trusted horse “Outlaw” with whom he’ll be joining Wanderlusts horsedrawn holidays.

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